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And now for something completely fantastic!

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Jeanne encourages prospects to ask for a Defined Benefit Life proposal.  Give Jeanne a "click."

"Watch a Life Agent's Ai Assistant, Jeanne, Describe the Power of Defined Benefit Life."

"Time to rock the life insurance business!"

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David Machia invents the universal life Private Pension.  A decades-long life insurance sales tsunami follows.

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David introduces Defined Benefit Life, a reinvention of life insurance to return genuine retirement security to millions of Americans. Let's make your life sales skyrocket.

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What is Defined Benefit

"The return of the defined benefit 'plan,' but better. A policy management system that each year notifies the owner of the premiun adjustment needed to keep the policy "on track" for the targeted retirement income. A personal solution for lifetime financial security, and an income that will actually be received in retirement. And yes, it's Income tax-free."

(Think that is saleable?)

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At the time of making an application for life insurance, clients make four decisions.

Define the amount of annual income that is to received at a selected retirement age.

"A new point of sale experience."

Define an assumed baseline interest rate that is the basis for future premium adjustments.
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"The process encourages conservative growth assumptions."

Define the number of years that premiums will be paid into the life insurance policy.
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Define the number of years the policyowner wishes to receive income upon reaching retirement age.
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Aunique policy management system to creates a personal, defined benefit solution for strengthening America's retirement security. Watch Lori explain how Defined Benefit Life manages the life insurance policy.

See how consumers learn about Defined Benefit Life.

"Even the great concepts must be expertly conveyed."

* Wows visitors with human-like AI Assistants
* The impressive centerpiece of any prosecting campaign
* Perfectly expresses the value of DB Life
* Enhances your brand and image

* Link to Facebook and Google campaigns
* Email to clients and prospects
* Gathers referrals
* Showcase at in-person seminars
* Demonstrate it during online meetings

* Link to your primary website
* Use as your virtual sales assistant
* Have prospects watch the incredible
DB sales presentation


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"Ai and Digital-assisted selling delivers a 'perfect' presentation every time."


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You receive a Personal Learning Center that, in an entirely new way, expresses the value proposition of Defined Benefit Life. Prospects encounter an unprecedented, immersive learning experience that integrates Ai avatars, specialized video content, dramatic imagery and beautiful graphic design. 

The Defined Benefit Life PLC delivers "Overwhelming Digital Impact," a UX (user experience) that gives you 'first mover advantage' in the most exciting life insurance sales opportunity in decades."

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"The agent's PLC delivers a whole new way to express the value of life insurance."

"It teaches prospects how to use Defined Benefit Life to achieve a tax-free retirement income that will actually be there for them."

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"Let's use life insurance to solve America's income insecurity crisis."

David Macchia
Inventor, Defined Benefit Life

"Breathtaking life insurance innovation."

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"When they understand Defined Benefit Life, consumers' perception of life insurance will be forever changed."

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