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Improve marketing? Experience an entirely new standard in advisor websites. Personalized and AI-driven, the Learning Center delivers a UX that prospects have never before experienced. Nothing builds trust and credibility like this.

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Your Ai Sales Assistants

       Lori              Frank            Jeanne             Ben            Molly

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Wow prospects with your the most advanced advisor website. The Personalized Learning Center is a unique digital marketing platform that conveys the enormous value of Defined Benefit Life.

"IUL's ultimate showcase and sales concept packaged in a way that every prospect can understand."

(Deliver a UX that no annuity prospect has ever encountered."


THE QUESTION THAT PRSPECTS CAN'T ANSWER, but that Defined Benefit Life does answer.

A Brilliant Concept is conveyed with a synergistic combination is Ai avatars, compelling video content, gorgeous graphic design and dramatic imagery.

America's Retirement Security was jettisoned when defined contribution plans supplanted Defined Benefit Pensions, As a consequence, millions of America's workers have no idea of what their retirement incomes will be.


Human-like AIs educate prospects on core issues while effectively serving as 3rd party endorsers. This is best ever framing of the benefits of life insurance as a personal, defined benefit pension. Best of all, it occurs in a context that promotes you and your brand.

Overwhelming Digital Impact elevates the life agent's image and brand in a manner that has never before happened. The synergistic blend of human-like AI, specialty video, beautiful graphic design and compelling imagery makes for an immersive UX that delivers an experience which is all new for prospects.


The Potential for Growth, Without the Risk of Loss is perhaps the most compelling financial value proposition ever created. The PLC expresses this value in an entirely new way. As a result, prospects better understand a feature that offers immense value.

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See the an amazing expression of a life insurance value proposition. Experience the Defined Benefit Life Personal Learning Center.

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