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"The cure for so many challenges.
The answer to so many opportunities."

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"Digital-Assisted Selling conveys a powerful, non-threatening learning experience that converts cross-selling potential into sales."

  • Agents who sell Medicare supplement insurance can generate revenue from annuity and life insurance sales.

  • Life insurance producers can become effective annuity sellers, and vice versa.

  • Financial planners can create a new revenue source from insurance products.

  • Any intermediary can become more productive.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Change is happening at a breathtaking pace. New technologies including artificial intelligence, shifting consumer habits, the economy, demographics, and cultural issues are transforming the marketing environment. It's folly to believe that yesterday's methods will be sufficient for today's transforming business environment. Digital-Assisted Selling is a fast and easy way to strengthen financial advisors and insurance agents with new capabilities. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Have you implemented a strategy to integrate an Ai user experience within your brand?

  • Have you implemented a women's market strategy?

  • Is your present business path sufficiently successful?

  • Are you meeting enough new prospects?

  • Is your income concentrated in a single market?

  • Is your current income enough to meet your goals?

  • Will you implement changes that benefit your business?

Let's have a conversation and determine if Digital-Assisted Selling is right for you.  Call 978-375-3400. Email

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"Digital Assisted-Selling enables any agent or advisor to be successful in lines of business that are not core to his or her regular business."

Examples of how Digital-Assisted Selling helps financial advisors and insurance agents.


1:1 Meetings


Seminars, Classes & Workshops


Referrals to Your DAS Sites

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Email Marketing

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Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising

Email Marketing


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