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"This life insurance strategy that is truly win-win." 

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David Macchia
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"We Are Humanizing Technology To Defend You Against Ai's Threat."

By David Macchia

No financial advisor or insurance agent should be complacent about Ai's inevitable incursion into the insurance, investment management and financial planning businesses. As you read this, Ai's intelligence is expanding. It is revealing capabilities that are hard to get our heads around. For example, being able to read the entire internet in just a few minutes.

Earlier this year, OpenAI revealed that ChatGPT-4 is a good test taker. It passed the Uniform Bar Exam, LSAT, medical licensing exam, and USA Biology Olympiad with “flying colors.” It's IQ of 155 compares favorably to the average American's 98.  Chat GPT even passed three wine Sommelier exams. Yes, artificial intelligence is an Advanced Sommelier. 

As I see it, there are three reasons Ai poses a mortal threat to FAs and insurance agents. EconomicsPsychology and Novelty. When true, human-like Ai financial advisors and insurance agents are introduced, likely before 12-months pass, they will exist within an economic and business model structure that bears little resemblance to the business models that today support human advisors. For humans, this ushers in a new era of competitive threats. In order to maintain your vital role with clients and prospects, you need a defense strategy that is inclusive of artificial intelligence. It comes down to a stark choice: partner with Ai or eventually be replaced by it.


An ever-growing body of research shows that humans react to human-like avatars in the same manner that they do to other humans, exhibiting increasingly positive and empathetic responses to the Ai as it becomes more human-like. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the "uncanny valley" effect. According to research published in the academic journal, Frontiers in Psychology, “Human-like to human stimuli show a positive linear relationship with familiarity. Secondly, we show that expressions of emotions in human-like avatars can be perceived similarly to human emotions, with corresponding behavioral, physiological and neuronal activations.” 


 To reiterate, when human-like Ai financial advisors are introduced, they will exist within an economic structure that bears little resemblance to the business models that support human life agents. Because Ai advisors require no compensation, human advisors will be unable to match the economic value proposition offered by Ai advisors. The companies or individuals sponsoring Ai advisors will likely offer expense free or near free life insurance, annuities, and investment products. Moreover, the Ai advisors will possess a level of knowledge that no human being can possibly match. Imagine knowing "everything:" about every investment, investment strategy, annuity and life insurance policy, not to mention every financial planning strategy and technique ever invented. 


Humans are sure to be fascinated by the novelty of interacting with human-like Ai insurance agents and financial advisors. Meeting with an Ai advisor will be a novel and enjoyable experience. Human advisors are sure to lose clients and suffer a decline in prospect engagement if they are unable to match the novelty of Ai interactions within the context of their personal brand.


Advisors and insurance agents who refuse to embrace Ai are very likely to be replaced by Ai. Life agents who welcome Ai and make it a core element of their UX (user experience) will have a UX defense shield that preserves their prominent role with clients and prospects. This is the ultimate purpose of AI Life Insurance Assistant. 


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This initial launch of AI Life Insurance Assistant will help you convey what I believe is the most important and creative application of life insurance to happen since the introduction of universal life insurance. Defined Benefit Life creates an entirely new solution for lifetime financial security, including a pre-defined level of retirement income that is both predictable and income tax-free.  What other financial vehicle can compete with that?

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